Meekala Stutzke

Meet Meekala

Meekala Stutzke


Meekala has been a licensed agent since 2019, primarily in Fairbanks, Alaska. She joined The Real Brokerage in 2021 and made the move to Minnesota the summer of 2022. Driven, devoted, and adventurous, she thoroughly enjoys helping clients find homes best suited to their needs whether they have a growing family, are empty nesters, or seeking a vacation home.

Meekala grew up in Texas where her favorite things were no winter, swimming, sunshine, and in Alaska where she enjoyed the outdoors, hunting and camping. She lives with Wyatt, her husband of 10 years, their 3 boys (Walker, Wayne, and Weston) and their wonderful dog, Maggie, who they’ve had for a long time and is basically their oldest child.

Even with all 3 boys in hockey, Meekala still carves out free time to gather with family and friends, travel, and go boating. She loves to shop, and at the age of 31 played women’s hockey for the first time! She values being engaged in her community and has volunteered at schools, hockey associations, and for foster care.