Andrew Norrie

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Andrew Norrie


“Home is where one starts from.” – T. S. Eliot

Your home isn’t just the place where you keep all your other pants. It’s the setting of your story, the place where your personal epic begins. As a Rochester native and second generation REALTOR® there isn’t much Andrew hasn’t seen and he’s starting to get the grey hair in his beard to prove it.

After serving in the US Army from 2000 to 2005 Andrew went on to study Furniture Design in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where in his off time he taught himself how to sail on Lake Superior and how to fly fish in the small trout streams off the logging trails way off in the woods. From there Andrew went on to study English Rhetoric and Writing at UW where he further developed his passion for classic texts and honed his ability to craft a sound argument; a skillset that has served him well as a negotiator. After College Andrew and his wife Felicity moved back to Rochester where Felicity began her career in Virology and Parasitology at the Mayo Clinic.

Andrew understands that expertise matters, and with years of experience, a long list of satisfied clients, and a history in leadership roles within his MLS he has the chops to back it up. But he believes that trust and communication matter more. And he is there for his clients not only through every step of the process but long after the sale as well. Andrew is always striving to master new technology that allows him to work more efficiently for his clients. But in his personal life Andrew prefers to unplug whenever he can, forgoing power tools for traditional woodworking techniques, the digital for analog, and books that are printed on actual paper.

Andrew lives in Rochester with his wife Felicity, their two daughters “Bear” and “Moose,” and their retriever Cricket the Wonder Dog. They are fully committed to seeing Rochester continue to grow into a safe, vibrant, and inclusive community, and demonstrate that commitment as volunteers wherever they can.

Sarah Loring Says:

Forever Client

Andrew exceeded all expectations we had. We flew in for a weekend to look at houses so we spent quite a bit of time looking! He knew what seemed like everything there was to know about the area and answered every question thoroughly. He was very detailed and pointed out small things about the houses we may have otherwise missed (we were first time home buyers). When we decided on a house, he was swift and clear and ended up negotiating for everything we wanted. All in all, he was great: clear, easy to reach, knowledgeable, flexible and really funny to boot.