Can I Sell My Home After Two Years?

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Are you wondering if you can sell your home after only two years? The answer is: Absolutely!

Many homeowners are able to sell their home and walk away with a profit in two short years. We’ve seen about a 11% increase in home values in the last two years in Rochester. What that means is that there is enough for you to pay your Realtor, closing costs, moving costs, and still have some cash left in your pocket for your next home. Some price ranges even see profits after only one year.

What do the numbers actually look like?

Let’s say you bought a home two years ago for the price of $227,077. By the end of the first year it would be worth $239,112, and by the end of the following year it would be worth $254,176. You now have an extra $27,099 paycheck that you can cash in for your home at any time. After approximately $17,792 in selling costs, you are left with $10,000 for moving and putting towards a new down payment, plus any down payment equity you have in your home.

Two years is not too early to be thinking about selling your home.

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