Calling Rochester Home

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Rochester is an exciting place to live. Whether you’re raising a family, spending time individually, or ready to meet the fine folks who live here — you’ve arrived at a fantastic place to call home. 


Rochester is a vibrant community made up of people from all walks of life, enjoying a multitude of entertainment and lifestyle activities. Residents can enjoy a variety of local festivals like Winterfest in January, Rochesterfest in June, the Olmsted County Fair in late summer, Thursdays on First & Third every summertime Thursday, and more. 

Art enthusiasts can experience the exhibits at the Rochester Art Center and live theatre at the Rochester Civic Theatre and Repertory Theatre, as well as local art for sale and enjoyment at shops like SEMVA (Southeastern Minnesota Visual Artists), Cafe Steam, and elsewhere. 

Foodies can indulge their cravings at local eateries in every corner of town – grab tasty tacos from Lucy’s Tacos, an ice cream cone in any flavor at Flapdoodles, unbeatable pizza from Pasquale’s Pizzeria, or delicious bar food paired with your choice of over a hundred drinks from the Tap House. The dining scene in town has no shortage of delicious delicacies for any palate. 

Much of Rochester’s history and culture revolves around the Mayo Clinic and it’s extensive influence and presence within the city. You can acquaint yourself with days of years past at the Mayo History Museum or the History Center of Olmsted County to learn about the roots of the city you now know today. 


Rochester’s school district, ISD 535, is comprised of 17 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 3 high schools, and 1 alternative learning center.  The district’s mission is to inspire, challenge, and empower all students with the knowledge and skills required to reach their full potential, so you can be sure that your learners will be equipped with the tools they need to become involved members of their community here in Rochester and beyond. 

In addition to public schools, there are a variety of private faith-based schools, as well as Rosa Parks Charter High School, RASA (Rochester Math and Science Academy), Rochester Beacon Academy, and Rochester Stem Academy for alternative education options.


Whether you’re coming from a larger metropolitan area or a comfortably quiet small town, you can celebrate the fact that Rochester is easy to navigate, with nearly no stop-and-go traffic to be seen. We’ve put together a convenient map marked with neighborhoods many Mayo Clinic staff choose to  live in, both for proximity to work and for excellent resale when their Rochester journey comes to a close. Click here to take a look. 


For a full overview of all Rochester has to offer, download our Relocation Guide.

The Downtown Rochester Alliance, the Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Rochester Moms site are great resources to help you navigate all that Rochester has to offer. Have more questions about home buying? Let us help guide you through the process – get started now!