Around the World, and Home to Rochester

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Around the World, and Home to Rochester
Moving from another country with a little help from the Enclave Team

In general, moving is a lot of work. There’s a large amount of paperwork, the physical exertion of packing and cleaning, lifting and hauling, and the emotional side of leaving a place you’ve called home in order to make a new one elsewhere. 

Moving to another country? Now that’s a whole other ball game. Take it from Alexi and Sonia*, past clients of the Enclave Team, who have moved around the world more than once. Alexi is originally from Belarus, and his wife Sonia, from Indonesia. Their careers have taken them from their native countries to new homes – first Australia, and now here in Rochester, Minnesota. 

We learned so much from working with Alexi and Sonia, and we know their stories can provide insight and helpful tips for others who might be preparing for a big move – no matter if it’s out of state, or to the other side of the world. Recently, Alexi and Sonia spent some time talking to us about their experience moving, and we wanted to share some of our key takeaways with you.

From Renters to Buyers

Alexi and Sonia rented for many years. It made sense for their lifestyle, which involved medical schooling and training in places they knew they wouldn’t stay forever. Price was also a determining factor in why they chose to rent as long as they did.

In Australia, their 40-year-old, 2 bedroom apartment, made of calcium-silicate brick (known for its ability to accumulate unwanted moisture) sold for a shocking $250k. A price that seemed wildly high for the quality of the home.

When renting in Rochester, they found they outgrew the spaces quickly and they noticed that the construction of their rentals was not great; they noticed the poor quality most in extreme heat and cold, when the utility bills would skyrocket. These experiences helped them realize what they wanted in a home they actually would purchase.

Thanks to a new position for Sonia at work, which gave them more wiggle room in their budget, the couple purchased a home in the summer of 2018 in Rochester. 

The Enclave Difference

When Alexi and Sonia decided on the house they wanted to purchase, they were contacted by a number of real estate agents that wanted to represent the couple. Ultimately, they chose to work with Enclave Team agent, Marcia Gehrt. “Marcia was far more organized and very prompt compared to other parties. Not to mention her outstanding [personal] skills, which are extremely important in her line of work. She’s just a very charming person in general. What a pleasure!” says Alexi. 

The couple also expressed how Marcia provided necessary and useful information in a timely manner, and communicated professionally and clearly at all times. 

While you may expect this from any and every real estate agent, that’s not always what you get. With the Enclave Team, it’s the standard, and it set Marcia apart and earned her the chance to represent Alexi and Sonia in purchasing their first house. 

Tips for Relocation

Depending on where you move, you might experience subtle changes to your everyday life, or outright culture shock. Alexi and Sonia recommend thinking thoroughly about where you’re headed. “I was born in Belarus and spent 27 years there before moving to Australia. Belarus has a very similar climate and landscape to Minnesota, so it was not shocking to me,” says Alexi. 

Aside from weather and climate, the couple also suggest thinking about the lifestyle of people in the area you’ll move to, the size of the city or town you’re headed to, the opportunity for entertainment and nightlife if you enjoy getting out, and ways you can meet people (or whether you like alone time). 

If you’re moving to Rochester, Alexi and Sonia also have some advice. “Weather here can get very nasty… [we] suggest looking for a good building quality: one that’s well-insulated, strongly built using high quality materials, and is well designed for heating and cooling,” suggests Alexi. 

*Names have been changed to protect client privacy