Building a Home: Weeks 10-13

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You’ve made it to weeks ten through thirteen of the home building process, and you can feel good that you’re now over a quarter of the way to complete! (Find more about weeks one through nine here)

At this point your home has a basic structure, a roof with shingles, and some HVAC work completed. Now that week ten has arrived, the crew will continue expanding on what’s been started. Plumbing contractors are continuing to run pipes through the interior walls, ceiling, and floors, and electricians will begin running wire wherever needed: to light fixtures, switches, and electrical boxes all throughout the home.

Exterior work has been happening for the last couple weeks, but by week eleven the crew will wrap this up. One caveat is if you have stonework – this may be completed later in the process.
The wiring of an entirely new home is no small project, so if you drive by your home twelve and thirteen weeks in to the process, you may think to yourself, “this looks like it did last week.” That’s because the main focus during this time is finishing the electrical work. This includes adding electrical boxes to every room, and installing light switches – it isn’t easy to see from the outside, but there is a lot of work being done.

By week fourteen, insulation has started going in and this will be complete soon. This important step will ensure you are comfortable and cozy in your new home, no matter the season.
Next week, agent Kim Gordon, will cover weeks 14-17 in the home building process. Stay tuned!
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