Building a Home: The First 9 Weeks

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Building a new home is exciting, and the beginning weeks of the process are filled with lots going on and important first steps. If you’re working with our team to help manage the building of your new home, you’ve asked yourself some important first questions and have answers, you’ve met with Marcia, and you’ve probably heard from Brooke, too.

Once you’ve made some other big decisions such as the builder you’ll use, and the plot of land you’ll build on, it’s go time! Next steps can be weather dependent, but let’s say the weather is perfect and the crew is set to begin. What happens next?

During the first 9 weeks of building, you can expect that the crew will be working to prepare the site of your new home. They’ll be doing things like surveying and staking the lot, marking where the foundation and driveway will be, as well as leveling out the land. Depending on the landscape of your future home, the crew may need to clear away any trees, rocks, or debris that are in the way. Your sewer system will also be hooked up. You may notice bulldozers and other equipment on your lot – this is a big job that requires some heavy machinery to prepare the area.

Next your foundation will be poured, which is a three-part process and typically takes a couple weeks to complete. It will then take another couple weeks for the concrete to cure, so things will be pretty quiet on your lot during this process. Patience is key!

Once the concrete is ready, the crew will start on the underground plumbing and septic systems, and add concrete flooring during weeks four and five. And then maybe the most exciting thing yet – framing begins! This is another process that takes a few weeks, but it’s the fun part where you start to see interior and exterior walls come together, and the beginning of a roof taking shape. It’s the first time you might be able to really visualize what the basic structure of your home will look like.

In weeks eight and nine, shingles will be added, windows and doors will be installed and if you have a fireplace, that will be added, too. HVAC work begins; ducts, cooling and ventilation is installed. More essentials will be added during this point such as electrical, gas service, and phone lines. Things are taking shape, and at this point your house is a quarter of the way complete! That’s a milestone to celebrate.

Stay tuned for next week, where we’ll cover what you can expect in weeks 10-13 of your home construction!