Building a home – How to get started

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The first step towards a successful new construction experience is choosing a professional and experienced real estate agent.
Most people build with the help of an agent because working with an experienced agent allows you to have:

  • A go-between for you and the builder/vendors/subcontractors
  • An experienced professional opinion and input on the countless decisions you’ll be making – with an eye towards value and potential future resale value
  • Help interviewing and choosing a builder if you haven’t already done so
  • Someone to advocate for your needs
  • Confidence in the decisions you make
  • Negotiated extras 

At our first meeting, we’ll go over:

  • Getting to know you, and what you’re looking for
  • How to choose a builder
  • Financing – do you need to sell a home before you build?
  • Earnest money expectation on a custom new home
  • General new construction questions

Next steps:

  • Plan builder interviews or meet with chosen builder
  • Start discussing home design wish list and plans with builder
  • Identify potential lots/acreages
  • Some of this varies based on time of year, which can impede the ability to start the project immediately

Building a home is a ton of fun. It allows you to express your creativity and build something you’re proud to call home. The good news is you don’t need to be an expert on new construction – that’s why we’re here. We’ve represented countless clients building new homes, and it’s always an adventure! When you’re ready to build your dream home, we’re ready, too.