A bag a day keeps the clutter away?

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I came across this past blog recently and saw it with new eyes. A number of us on the team have read Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and now it’s become a hit Netflix show. It’s been fun to share our stories around the office as we strive to help clients do the same thing before they sell their home.

I’ve had great success with this book, but know that giving a personality and talking to your socks may not be for everyone. There’s the option to get something new, get rid of something so you’re always rotating, but that just didn’t work for me – I’d make justifications as to how getting rid of a pair of socks was equal to that new blouse I just bought. Getting rid of something every day didn’t work because some days I’d find multiple things, but then I’d keep them for the days coming up causing me to hold on to clutter.
How many times do we walk in to our home, look around and say, “Ugh.”

Clutter starts so innocently and before you know it, a huge job is waiting for you. I love this site and think the article below is a great way to start the de-cluttering process with a simple step.  I love the part about repeating “less is more” – that tip is definitely for me, who is often heard saying “I might need that one day!”

I’d love for you to share any tips of your own – let’s help each other out. Once you start having conversations about decluttering with coworkers, family members, neighbors, etc. you realize how contagious it is. We’re all in this together.

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