Our Rebrand Story – Twin Cities Home Group to Enclave Team

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Twin Cities Homegroup is now the Enclave Team of RE/MAX Results

Twin Cities Homegroup is proud to announce our merge with the Nordaune Team to become Enclave Team of RE/MAX Results, allowing us to service both the metro area and a large majority of southeastern Minnesota – Rochester and surrounding areas.

“This is a group of 18 amazing people who make magic happen every day and that number is going to grow. It’s not just about me anymore,” said Beth Nordaune, the lead of the Enclave Team.

Nordaune continued, “Enclave is defined as a place or group that is different in character from those surrounding it. And that definition couldn’t be more true about our team.”

When commenting on the process of rebranding, Nordaune said, “Even though we found out so much about who we are as a company through this months-long process, at the end of the day our values remain the same. Enclave is who we’ve always been, now with a new name and logo. This new brand has given us a way to showcase the values we’ve always held, the service we’ve always provided, but in a cohesive way that just feels right.”

The rebrand includes a complete redesign of the company’s logo, graphics, color palette, website, and communications and correspondence. Enclave Team’s brand is anchored by the new deconstructed house logo which conveys the collection of details and building blocks that, when placed together correctly, become the right home for the right family, couple, or person; Enclave Team is the real estate partner that understands these building blocks.