How to de-ice in an eco-friendly way

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Many of us can relate to the struggle of how to tackle the chore of de-icing our driveways and sidewalks, without using excess salt. Why does it matter? It matters because salt can get it to soil and water and cause problems; soil can get saturated with salt and be unable to retain water and nutrients for proper growth. It can take years for salt to wash away and out of soil, affecting plant growth and quality for years to come. Salt can also affect our pets’ paws, making them raw and irritated, which is no fun for anyone.

But good news!

There are alternative, environmentally-friendly ways to get the job done, without many of the negative side effects to our homes, lawns, and pets.

You can use Safe Paw de-icer, a salt alternative that you can sprinkle on icy patches that’s safe for pets and kids. It’s comprised of environmentally-friendly ingredients so when it runs in to storm drains when the melts, it won’t overload rivers and lakes with harmful chemicals.

But overall, there is no substitute for a little hard work… removing the snow and ice as soon as possible the old fashioned way (with a shovel!) is much easier than chipping away at a frozen mess of a driveway, and then applying whatever product you have in the garage to melt away what is left.

Stay safe and slip-free this winter! Let us know your tricks to keep ice away.