‘Tis the season for… bees?

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Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a bee, buzzing happily away, stopping now and then to rest on a plant before flying out of view. What season were you imagining? If you’re like us, you were probably imagining a hot summer day, maybe smack-dab in the middle of June. While that vision isn’t unreasonable, or even wrong necessarily, bees are busiest come early autumn, in September and October.

Why? Bees and wasps are busy during the summer months, gathering enough food and nectar, and after foraging for the season they usually max out their hive space come September. That’s why they come looking for new places to build their hives, and often times, they find pesky spots like under your deck, in a sneaky opening in your siding, or on a tree on your property.

While you could wait until winter comes for the insects to die off (Minnesota winters are usually no match for wasp hives), that’s not always an option if you have pets or children that play outside, or one of your family members is allergic. In that case, it’s best to call an exterminator to handle removal of the hive.

There are some easy ways you can prevent wasps or bees from making their hive near your home:

  • Look for openings in your siding, cracks in door frames, vents that aren’t sealed and ensure all openings are closed up
  • Wipe away crumbs or spills after eating outside, and remove any empty food or drink containers from the area
  • Use airtight garbage cans so wasps and bees aren’t lured by food
  • Plant natural wasp-repelling plants in or around your yard, such as thyme, spearmint, citronella, or eucalyptus

Contact a local exterminator for tips or proven solutions to prevent or remove wasps and bees from your home.