What is Match Day Anyway?

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The office is a buzz this week. Match day is quickly approaching and we’re trying to finish projects, etc so we can free up some time for communicating and educating clients as we will see an influx of inquiries soon. If you have lived in the Rochester area for any amount of time, you are most likely familiar with the term “Match Day” in the medical community; but what is it really? While I know a number of people who have gone through the process, there’s a lot I don’t really know about Match day, so here’s the layout for the fun, ceremonies, dinners, anticipation, excitement and all the other emotions that will go along with the day MARCH 16th, 2018 at 1pm ET.

Applying To Residency – The Basics

  • Medical school is four years long.
  • Sometime during the third year most people choose a specialty.
  • In the Fall semester of your fourth year residency applications are due.
  • Some specialties have different application processes

Interviewing For Residency Positions

  • After applications are in, programs offer interviews.
  • Interview season is generally from September – January of fourth year.
  • People do an average of 10 interviews, depending on competitiveness.

Applicants Make A “Rank List”

  • After all interviews are completed, applicants rank each location interviewed based on how badly they’d would like to go there.  they’re allowed to leave any places off their list that they don’t think they’d want to go in order to guarantees they won’t end up there.

Programs Make A “Rank List”

  • Programs rank applicants who interviewed according to how badly they want them to join their program. Like applicants, programs are allowed to choose not to rank a certain person if they really don’t think they’re a good fit for the program.

The Match

  • A very large, Alien-manned computer located somewhere between here and Venus uses a mysterious, Big Bang Theory-type algorithm to calculate where an applicant will “match.”
  • This pairing goes in favor of the applicant – so applicants get matched to the highest place on their list that also ranked them.
  • The idea is to put the largest number of applicants possible at the programs they really liked.
  • The Monday before Match Day applicants find out if they matched. Applicants who don’t match enter into the Supplemental Offer Acceptance Program (SOAP)
  • MATCH DAY! Friday you gather with your classmates for a big, fancy ceremony and celebration. Everyone gets an envelope with their name on the outside and destiny on the inside. They all open them together to find out where they’ll be spending the next 3-7 years. Obviously, everyone hopes for their #1 choice, but most people are happy with any of their top 3 or 4.


In a few short days, a whole new crew of residents will find out that they have matched at the Mayo Clinic right here in Rochester!

We are waiting to welcome you to our great city!