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Love Your Bodies

We have passed the mark for the time when most of the population starts to give up on their New Year’s resolutions. This year, February is the time for my family to make a change. Twelve years ago I radically changed the way I ate.  Since then it has been a constant course correction to get back on track. I couldn’t put my finger on it this time as we were eating organic and what seemed for the most part pretty healthy. I had noticed the food items that had crept into our home i.e. Nilla wafers, oreos, chips, and sugary cereal to name a few. My husband and I have not felt as well and both of us have been talking about eating better and also to include the kids. It was not easy at first to come up with a plan that we could all be onboard for.

I started wanting to do “The Whole 30” however we did not feel we could do it together as a family. I commend those of you who have done it  however thinking about taking it on brought me back to twelve years ago and a conversation I had with a friend who gave me the advice to start small and just keep making better choices and better changes in the food we were eating. That brought me back to where we were six years ago when our intent was to just start by eating “real food.” I was inspired by reading the blog 100 Days of Real Food.   Going back and revisiting this blog was a real eye opener of how far we have fallen away from the idea of putting “real” food in our body. I had fallen trap to the idea that we were doing this as most of it was in the Health Market section however upon my review I now see as a family we were back to eating packaged, prepared food with almost every meal. It is shocking to realize how much sugar had crept back into the food choices we make.

Real Food

This Sunday my family will eat “real food” for at least 10 days. The kids are on board and are unsure of if they will just do 10 days or try to make it though the month. As parents we have told them this is a way to celebrate Valentines Day, the month of February, and love by choosing to take time to give the gift of love to our bodies. I hope we all feel better and that these changes will last the month and beyond. I know that the education and mindfulness will make an impact on us all.

In addition to the food we have set a few other intentions around eating. They came from listening to Deepak Chopra. It seemed simple. Don’t talk with food in your mouth, don’t take another bite until the one in your mouth is swallowed, eat at a table, and don’t do anything else while eating. These are more challenging than the food.  We are great at eating dinner together, but breakfast and lunch are often spent on the go, while working, and in front of ipads. I am also embarrassed to say I had no idea how often I spoke with food in my mouth.


And last we will love our bodies by exercising at least 3 times a week. This may seem ambitious however we are not starting from the beginning. I am hopeful we can really make this month about loving the one body we get and making a change. I have posted our list of our 7 commitments. Let me know if you have any tips or great meal ideas. I will keep you posted on our progress.

We have been talking about it with the kids and I personally started on the first of the month. Last night I ran my daughter to rock climbing and when I came home my other daughter had made us dessert. A beautiful fruit salad with a little yogurt drizzled on the top.  We sat down together at the table and enjoyed. It was such a dear moment and I am looking forward to more of these this month.