Paint Hazard

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A Trip With Hazards

I came in to the office this morning after making a run to the hazardous waste facility. It’s located out on Silver Creek Rd NE.

I’ve owned my home now for over 4 years and there is a closet under the stairs that has been filled with paint (probably since it was built in 1921). I’m going through a purging of things right now and came to the realization that not only was this full of paint that is hideous in colors we have since painted over, but it’s full of things I’ve never in my life used (paint thinner, latex cement fill, aerosol cans filled with who knows what, etc).

To Home Sellers

When a seller asks me: “Should I leave the paint behind for the new owners?” I always respond with, “Well, that would be nice, I’m sure, in case they want to do any touch-ups.”

I never preface that with, “Well, how old is it?” “Is this paint from you or the owner before you or the owner before them?” or even “How much is there?”

I drive a hatchback wagon, so for me to say I filled up the back of my car, is not some small feat. I held on to this for years and some of these were labeled “bedroom” I, nor the owner, prior to us had a purple bedroom. Looking back at past photos of sales, I know it was the owners prior to them and there is no way I’d use that paint.

A Change of Tune

Now when a seller asks me, “Should I leave the paint for the new owners?”

My response will be: “Now would be a great time to go through that. Only save what has been used by you or if it has a bar code with the color on the top so it can be ordered again – the rest you can dispose of at the hazardous waste facility for FREE!”