Top 5 Things to Prep your home for Winter

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Brrr… I’m only okay thinking about this right now because it’s beautiful, sunny, and 70 degrees right now, but WINTER IS COMING!

Here is the Nordaune Team ‘down and dirty’ Top 5 Things to do to PREPARE your home for this winter! (Drum roll please.)

5. Inspect Your Roof

Okay, even I don’t get up there and check every shingle, but a quick little visual can do wonders to make sure your shingles are in overall good condition, notice any spots that may be weak spots for ice dams this winter, and take some action if needed.

4. Home Safety Check

3 things we want you to look at: 1) Sump pumps 2) CO2 Detectors, and 3) smoke detectors. Do a check of them, make sure they’re in working order and know that you can leave for the weekend ski trip or to Grandma’s for Christmas and things will be A-okay.

3. Clean Your Gutters

Gutter toppers are a wonderful invention that I do not have. I have GOT to remember to clean those gutters out with all the leaves that are falling already.

2. Get Your Furnace Inspected

That is one thing you don’t want to be iffy in Minnesota winters! Most places will also do a CO2 check (one year they found a gas leak in my home that had probably been there for a decade they said).

1. Frost Free Filters

For your water spigots – get them. or make sure to turn off those exterior faucets, disconnect hoses, and make sure there is no water that can freeze up by your house.

Extra Credit: For you over-achievers: Get a programmable thermostat. The Nordaune Team love efficiency. That’s what makes us the best REALTORS too, but programmable thermostats can make a world of difference for your bill too not to mention keeping you toasty when you first wake up in the morning.

Anecdote: We know there is lots to think about when it comes to preparing your home for the winter – we just want to point out a few important ones that may not everyone things of. These are worth making the time for! Then there are other things not mentioned here that you’ll forget one year and never forget again – like me with my rain barrels. Last year it became frozen solid. My husband and I got bundled up, and managed to hulk that thing up on to our patio and into the house where it sat for days thawing out, we then emptied it and had to store it. If only we had thought of that sooner, no hulking, no cold toes, no giant bucket sitting in my entryway for days giving off cold air, and no dog licking the barrel. Just a relaxing night at home. Happy Fall, but remember, winter is coming! ⛄