Building a New Home! Week 13

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Drama, Intrigue, and Scandal at 3272 Echo Lane!

Welcome to Week 13! Haha! While the title of this post is a little over-the-top, there was definitely some drama going on with new house this week.

So you all know that our countertops were much-anticipated and long-awaited and we poured our heart, soul, time, money and tire rubber into finding the perfect tops and… they were installed wrong. Woe is us! We couldn’t believe it, we were so disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the whole counter, just the corner in the kitchen, but when we asked the fabricators to fix it, they told us we would need to order a whole new slab. What?? We were supposed to have more than enough stone! After a little investigating, I discovered that the fabricators, AFM Countertops, had “released” one of our slabs and hadn’t informed us of the change, let alone told our builder we deserved a credit for the difference in cost. In other words, although we were charged for three slabs and expected that many, in the end they only ordered two. So when we requested the change in the counter layout, there was not enough material.

So far this process has gone along so smoothly (Thanks to Penz! Not their fault this happened!) that there was bound to be some kind of major problem, and this was it. See, the problem with counters is that regular Joes like us are allowed to select stone, but we cannot directly purchase it or know how much one slab actually costs – only what the price level is for us, not the fabricator. And you must be a fabricator in order to have that answer. This is a real problem with the home remodeling and building industry. When working with subcontractors, there is often no way to know what is really going on.

Well, thanks to the fast action of our cabinet guy at ProBuild, things are getting straightened out and we will hopefully have our counters settled and beautiful by next week.

In other news, the house is looking amazingly, wonderfully gorgeous! The carpet is in, all the tiling is done, the lights are on and the plumbing works as well! Hot dog! (Do you know in England they call Daschunds “Sausage Dogs?” It’s cute.)
And I may not be posting until the week after next because… we’ll be moving in! Wowzers! Regardless, I will keep you updated.

Now I have about a billion photos to post. Please enjoy!

They’re starting to add the columns/pillars. They’ll be white when completed.
Our new wood front door (sidelights to come) and a close-up.

Cool chrome entrance light
Lovely coat closet in laundry and beautiful steam washer and dryer! 🙂
beautiful kitchen, dark cabinets, west elm globe pendant, stainless steel appliances
What a kitchen! Obviously there is still work to be done, but
look at those appliances and lights! Yea!

Pics of the tiles close up. They look a little blue, but are actually dark grey.
Carpet in master bedroom and Jay’s feet on the new carpet.

It looks peachy in the above pic, but is actually a very dark cream color.
Master vanity and shower (we still need a better photo)
We chose outdoor sconces instead of lanterns. We think they look lovely!

The deck is almost done! You can barely see the balusters
b/c we opted for the black modern ones.
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