Building a New Home! Week 12

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My oh my, it’s Week 12! Only two weeks left!

Once again, I could write an extensive list of all the changes that have taken place in the last week. It really is incredible. And the best part is that everyone working on the house has done an impeccable job. I want to give a specific shout-out to the trimmers and their work: CK Trim Pros. They’ve really had to work around a lot of strange corners and tight deadlines and they’ve done amazingly well! Particularly with regard the new crown molding. As you can see in one of the photos below, the molding has to start and stop in awkward places, but was finished off perfectly. We are very happy with it!

In other news, we did have one hiccup: our kitchen cabinet hardware didn’t arrive on time. Bummer. So we had to pick out some new hardware and have it UPS’d pronto. However, like almost every other hiccup, we like our new choice even better! So in the end it will work out just fine. I just thought it worth telling you because I really don’t want to sugar-coat this process. There are always bumps, but we really do feel like working with Penz has prevented so many potential problems.

Photos, photos and more photos! I will be posting below about a million new photos of the progress, including the new funky kitchen sconces, crown molding, sod in the front yard!, tile in the master bath, etc. Hope you enjoy looking at the latest happenings!

Our beautiful new sod and a lovely Maple tree!

I find this photo hilarious. It’s totally the “picture of suburbia.” A large expanse of brown dirt next to incredibly fluffy, perfectly manicured, rolls of grass. Awesome.
Kitchen is coming along!                                                                                       And here is a close-up of the pendant lights.
New cabinet pulls.


Close-up of fireplace stone.
New crown molding and an example of an awkward corner executed beautifully.

New chrome master bath sconces!  Our new shower tiles. The picture is not so great, but the tiles
are grey and looking so modern and cool.
View of deck from master bedroom. New outdoor sconces outside kitchen door.

Our backyard!
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