Building a New Home! Week 10-11

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Wow! It has been a crazy two weeks!

Jay and I are finally back from Vienna and we were very excited to get over to the house and see the changes in person. As many of you read, our “House” and our REALTOR¬†wrote a very lovely blog last week and posted some of the newest additions. How exciting!

It really is incredible how the time has passed and how many decisions we’ve already made. Last night Jay and I were looking at window shades online and I realized, “Wow. We really aren’t making nearly the number of decisions we were a month ago.” It’s quite a relief! Now I feel like we can really enjoy watching everything come together. It’s looking more and more beautiful everyday.

When we stopped by after getting home, we noticed that the deck floor had gone up! Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to run out to the backyard to take a wide photo of the deck because we had to pick up Donald (our little daschund). And there was a LOT of final painting going on on the second floor. Also, the countertops have gone in in the laundry!

They are the very first counters to be installed in the house. Sigh. What a moment. ūüôā Plus, as our real estate agent noted, the floors were stained. They are still covered with paper, but we found a little uncovered and took a photo for you.

We are so grateful for the blessing of a relatively stress-free home building process. As we know, that is a rarity. Thank you, Penz! We are very anxious to watch it all finalize in these next 3 weeks.

Check out the latest progress! And stop by again next week, there aren’t too many left!
View from door of deck                                View facing door

Cabinet doors are on!
Lots of painting!

A little piece of beautiful floor!

Laundry cab tops

The Donald. (in his Little House on the Prairie pose)
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