Building a New Home! Week 9

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Building a New Home

Closets and Doors! Closets and Doors!

It’s Week 9 and — that’s right, I said Week 9! Unbelievable. This past week was more a series of baby steps than big, dramatic steps. Except for the garage doors! Which we are very excited about and think they look beautiful and match the house well. Do you agree? (How can you disagree after my gushing praise, right?)

The only real hiccup we’ve experienced has been with the ceilings. Unfortunately there was a mix-up (that was fixed immediately thanks to the quick action of our builder!) and knock-down ceilings were put in instead of flat. We had to pay a little extra for flat, but thought it would look more modern. It’s kind of hard to see the difference, but I will paste the before and after photographs.

We are also in the process of figuring out how and with whom to do our closets. We are learning that we have some pretty funky-shaped closets in our house that are causing some difficulties! What do you think? Are closets something to invest a lot in up front or install upgraded ones later?

And now… Jay and I are off to Vienna! We will be attending a medical conference for the next week and so I will be missing one blog post next Thursday. Oh yeah, and “attending a medical conference” for me means that I will be touring castles and eating wienerschnitzel with the ghost of Sigmund Freud. (And as we all know, sometimes a wienerschnitzel is just a wienerschnitzel.)

Again, thanks for checking in! Be sure to stop by again in two weeks. I know there will be some very fun progress!

Garage Doors!

Knock Down Ceilings (Ceilings with texture)

Flat Ceilings (uh… no texture) 🙂
Closet guy and carpenter’s saw that we are not allowed to keep. Bummer.
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