Building a New Home! Weeks 7-8

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Since I haven’t done this yet I want to give a big THANK YOU! to all of you who have been loyally following my posts and commenting or just reading along. Your comments are so supportive and funny and we really appreciate the opinions and advice as well. The house is going to be beautiful and we hope that in the end everyone will feel like they were at least a little bit of a part of the process. So… thanks!

As many of you know I was gone for the week in Florida visiting family, but we’re back in action this week and there have been many changes to the house. So many, in fact, that I had over 25 pictures I wanted to post today! But I won’t make you suffer through the entirety of my iPhone’s photo album.

Some of the many things we are excited about:

1. The tile has started to go in
2. The hardwood floors are in! (They just need staining.)
3. We have a driveway
4. We have a back porch
5. Our garage has a ceiling
6. There is a banister with balusters
7. Baseboards and door trim are being installed

And the list goes on! There were actually several changes that really surprised us. For example: the driveway. We were expecting just a straight rectangle and an “L-shape” sidewalk to the porch; however, it’s totally more awesome than that! We love it! It’s kind of a curvy crescent shaped drive with a curved sidewalk. We had no idea it would look so artsy. Now I know it’s going a little overboard to call it “artsy,” but since it’s our house we get a little leeway to be overly-in-love with simple things. I will post a photo below of the driveway, taken from the front door.
Check out all the photos and comment away!

Update: We bought a couch! We decided to go with the Gus Modern Jane Sectional that is tufted on both the back and seat cushions (on the previous post, it is the fourth couch pictured, it is in light gray). We’re very excited and think it’s going to coordinate really well with our other design choices. Yea!

Photos of the front of the house with new stone.
House Numbers!


Garage (with a ceiling!)

Front Entrance and Office Door (with the real door next to it)
Newel posts one day…. then magically… balusters the next!And by “magically” I mean that real people arrived and worked hard. 🙂       
Stacks of Tiles and Laundry Room tiles being laid
Living Room

White Oak Hardwood Floors and a Close-up