Building a New Home! Week 6

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It’s Week 6 for building our new home in Rochester MN and the house has been sheetrocked and taped! What does that really mean, you ask? Well… in normal person-speak it means that there are real live walls that are ready to be painted!

Hurray! Jay and I just sent along our final paint selections. Fortunately we wanted to go really neutral so we only had to select two different colors. Phew! If we had chosen different colors for every room we would have been at it for weeks. So this was good.

In other news, we have been talking lately about new furniture. (And by “talking lately” I mean that I have been researching for the last month and half and finally burdened Jay with a 5 minute conversation a few nights ago. You could definitely say the furniture is “my thing.”)

So as you all know we are going with a more modern interior for our home and I like the idea of having a small sectional (with a chaise) so it feels more loungy and less formal.  Any suggestions on places to look for modern furniture?
As always, thanks for reading the blog and checking in! Please post a comment below with your advice or opinions!

Update on the Hardwood Floors: We went with Oak for our floors! And we’re very excited. It’s actually White Oak, which has very neutral coloring and takes stain well. Our flooring guy stained some samples for us in the color we want and we realized that you lose so much of the beautiful Walnut grain with a stain that dark and decided to save some pennies (or at least stay on budget) and go with the wood that we think looks better anyway. Nice!