Building a New Home! Week 5

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It’s Week 5! And the building process is still going really well.

Many of you have been inquiring about our final countertop selection and we finally have our choice. Drum roll please!

White Macauba!

We really appreciate everyone’s interest and feedback and are incredibly excited about our choice.  Hopefully it will look as beautiful in our kitchen as it did in the warehouse!

So last week I was so focused on the trip to Illinois that I hadn’t taken pictures since Tuesday. Well, we stopped by late on Thursday and… there was siding on the house! And it’s super lovely! I thought, “Oh no! I should update the blog asap!” But then I didn’t want to overload everyone.

The question of the week: Which hardwood floor is the best hardwood floor?

Jay and I know we really want a wide plank, dark-stained floor, but are having a hard time deciding on the species. We are going back-and-forth between oak and walnut since these are the best for dark stains. Walnut is significantly pricier, but has a more modern-looking grain, whereas oak is a little more traditional (but has a much more comfortable price). We’ve been thinking lately, though, that when the floors are that dark you can barely see the wood grain anyway and then what’s the point of paying for a more modern look? What do you think?

Our front porch has been poured!  Please check out our blog post next week.