Building a New Home! Week 3 Real Estate Rochester MN

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It’s Week 3 for the Real Estate Rochester MN Blog and the roof is on! We’re also starting in on the electrical, plumbing, and even putting in the fireplace (gas). On Wednesday I did an electrical walk-through and pointed out where the lights should go and how they should be switched and such. (Of course, by “pointed out” I mean that I let the experts tell me what to do, really.)

We made many lighting decisions this week as well. They turned out to be easier than anticipated, however, because we basically wanted to put in as many recessed lights as possible. That leaves far fewer “sconce” choices to be made, which is nice.

Fortunately for me our general contractor, Steve, and real estate agent, Beth, were able to accompany me on the walk-through. They were incredibly helpful

This big news is that this next week Jay and I will be driving to Illinois to look at granite! How exciting! We are incredibly picky about our countertops and found a wholesale supplier in Niles that stocks really unique colors. Originally we wanted marble, but once we found out how easily it scratches and stains, we decided to go with something a little more durable.

This supplier actually stocks Quartzite, which is in the granite “tree,” but comes in lighter shades and is denser. We would like something that is as light as possible. Check out their link by clicking HERE and let us know which types you like!

We’d love to hear what you think.
That’s all for this week!