Building a New Home! Week 1

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Hello! I’m Kate, newly employed at RE/MAX with Beth and Lauren and also in the process of building a new home! We thought it would be fun and informative to write about the process of homebuilding, including my personal thoughts, ongoing photos of the process and all the different stages of decision-making. We would love to hear your advice, comments and feedback with regard to the design decisions, photos and anything else that pops up.

Many people have considered building but are often daunted by the process. I’ve noticed that those who are most intimidated are the ones who want to build from scratch, working with an architect to create a completely unique home. To make our (Jay’s and my) process a little easier, we decided to modify a pre-existing plan. This not only saved us time, but plenty of headaches with regard to architectural choices. And hopefully we will be relieved of some of those unwelcome surprises once the walls start going up.

One of the most significant things we’ve noticed is how many decisions there are that we’d never considered before. For instance, many people have thought about what color cabinetry they’d like or if they want hardwood or tile flooring, but have you thought about the shape of the balusters? And once you decide on the shape, how do you want them spaced? Another example is door knobs. Jay likes levers, I like knobs, what to do? What a weird thing to disagree on! Right now we have to really cement these choices as the constructions guys (from Penz Custom Homes) started digging on Monday. It’s time to get crackin’!

As far as the actual building we just have a big hole in the ground and a large pile of dirt. However, it’s the most exciting pile of dirt I’ve ever seen!

So, what’s your opinion on building? From scratch or a preexisting plan? Knobs or levers?

Also, if you’ve built a home or done any remodeling, we’d love to hear your stories and sage wisdom. And please feel free to stop by the blog again to keep track of the construction progress and find out what design choices we’ve made!