Unbelievable! Building a New Home: Week 2

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I can’t believe how much has been built in the last week! We had no idea the house would be framed so fast.

For about a day I had a complete freakout and wanted the whole thing to slow down. However, once I got out to the site and started thinking about all that still needs to be done… plumbing, electrical, etc. I calmed down and knew that the house wasn’t going to be built overnight. For me, it’s very important to enjoy the whole process, no matter how fast it happens or how many difficult decisions need to be made. I’ve really had to make a conscious effort the last two days to slow down mentally and emotionally. It is working. (As are the indecently large amounts of chocolate.)

Which sleek white sink is the best sleek white sink?

The conundrum for this week: We want a small, modern sink in our ½ bath and are deciding between two. The first posted below is our favorite and the second is what we believe to be a more “re-sale-able” option. In other words, do we go for the one we really love or for the one that will be more generally more approved of by future buyers? Which one do you like best? Will it stand the test of time? And is it even important for something like this to last. Maybe we should just fill the house with everything we love and not worry about resale. Your opinion?

Thanks for checking in! Definitely stop by the blog again next week.
Maybe we’ll be moving in!